1. Our products require no special care or maintenance.
  2. Do not use cleaning agents (powders and pastes containing solid particles, eg. cleaning cream to clean the surface), which may scratch the surface.
  3. Toothpaste, soap, possible waterstain we recommend to remove with a wet cloth without using any cleaning agent.
  4. Use only descaling product or citric acid to clean the valve mounted in the sink/tube.
  5. Do not pour into the sink/bath liquids such as acetone, benzene, vinegar, agents for unblocking pipes, etc ..
  6. Do not pour liquid at a temperature higher than 100 degrees of Celcius (212 degrees of Fahrenheit).
  7. The product used in accordance with this rules is not a subject to complaint.
  8. Customers can enjoy 5-years warranty for free by presenting the original sales invoice.